A LITTLE DEATH is the debut feature film directed by Gina Telaroli and made by Meerkat Media collective, who make films collaboratively and democratically emphasizing that process and methods are as important as the end result. Cinema aficionado Telaroli made a decision to consciously transpose some of the specific cinematic choices made by 70s art house auteurs such as Chantal Akerman, but highlighting the unique textures and capabilities of using digital instead of film. Comprised of just 28 shots, this stylistically rigorous look at a young woman’s ritualistic experience spending a solitary three-months in winter, while caretaking a summerhouse in Nantucket, is a direct confrontation to media stereotypes of sex-confessional based female relationships.

A Little Death is the first feature length narrative film by Gina Telaroli & Meerkat Media.

For more information please email : info@alittledeathmovie.com